LOVE SPELLS - BLACK MAGICK $500.00 (646)844-7904 QUEENS, NYC
500.00 Dollar US$

LOVE SPELLS - BLACK MAGICK $500.00 (646)844-7904 QUEENS, NYC

Dingalan, Aurora, Philippines Published date: October 12, 2018

Bishop Nokomis here. 32 years experience.
How much I charge is in the title! $500.00 for all spells, no exceptions! People keep calling asking how much I charge when it's right there! I practice the most powerful and feared form of black magick!


You must be a New Yorker to qualify. You must have a NYS ID to qualify for my services. If you don't live here in New York, you don't qualify!

I'm tired of people calling me from other states I use to advertise in like New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Georgia etc etc and they played on my phone just to have someone to talk to because their bitter! People from other states always call me because they got cursed by other Witchdoctors for playing on the Witchdoctors phone.

They didn't know that all the Witchdoctor needed was the phone number they called from to curse them. Then they wanna call me to have it removed! That's why you don't play on our phones! So I only offer services here in my state of New York now, and I haven't had problems since.

Plus people don't complain about my rates because us New Yorkers aren't broke. People from other states that are broke always ask can I lower the amount I charge. Well why call if you can't afford me? My services aren't for people who's finances are out of order!!!!

Us New Yorkers however don't play! We are about our money, and we certainly aren't broke! Us New Yorkers also are serious about correcting our lives. We don't play! I don't do Western Union, I don't do Money Gram, and I don't do wire transfers either. You must meet me face to face to get my services.

Either you can come to me, or I can come to you. I drive a black Mercedes-Benz sport coupé by the way so you know it's me when I pull up. I will travel to depending on how far away you live within NYS.
My address is not available because people aren't serious, and they just show up at my door without making an appointment.

You must show me your NYS ID when we do business. It's just to show proof your a New Yorker. I don't care what nationality you are, as long as you have a NYS ID, that's all that counts because you're a resident. If you can't show me ID, and you have a problem with how I do business, don't call!!!

Call me to schedule an appointment for faster service.

Thank you!

Bishop Nokomis
7 Dayz..........

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    LOVE SPELLS - BLACK MAGICK $500.00 (646)844-7904 QUEENS, NYC

    500.00 Dollar US$
    Dingalan, Aurora, Philippines


    Published date: October 12, 2018

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